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Sustainability is a key theme for Komplett

Sustainability is a key theme for Komplett, and instrumental to support a long-term viable business model. We intend to run a healthy business that takes responsibility for our employees, the community and the environment.

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Komplett Group aims to be the preferred choice of customers, suppliers, employees and society, laying the foundation for our financial and ESG targets. To accelerate our activities towards a resilient and sustainable business, we have defined three strategic focus areas to bring us closer to our vision of being ‘the obvious choice’. These are:  

  • We aim to have a circular business model  
  • We aim to be climate neutral  
  • We aim to be an attractive and inclusive employer  

Below, you will find our reports related to sustainability. You will also find more information on our Whistleblowing channel.  


Sustainability reporting for 2023

Komplett Group, which is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, must comply with Norwegian legislation, namely the Transparency Act and the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act. These statements are available below, together with Komplett’s EU Taxonomy Report 2023. This chapter also includes a comprehensive carbon accounting report.

Any questions relating to these reports, or the sustainability
work carried out by Komplett Group, can be directed to:

Mari Myhre Marthinsen
Director legal & compliance, Komplett Group

Sustainability reporting from previous years

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We have, since 2019, prepared yearly sustainability reports, which reflects the increased focus on sustainability in Komplett and in society as a whole. 


In 2022, we presented our first Transparency Act Account.