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Business areas


Business to consumer (B2C)

The Komplett Group’s operations in the B2C segment cover sales to private consumers across Norway, Sweden and Denmark through the brands NetOnNet, Komplett and Webhallen.

The group serves the private consumer market for electronics, technology products and consumer goods through six online shops, selling products sourced from third-party brands and its own private labels.

NetOnNet is the low-cost, low-price challenger offering a broad assortment including many private label options to value-oriented customers in the mass market. They have an omnichannel business model with two online shops in Sweden and Norway, and, and a total of 31 complementary self-service, logistics
and warehouse shops located in Sweden and Norway.

Komplett is a pure online brand with electronics focus and strong authority in tech, computing and gaming. Komplett serves its B2C
customers on the platforms, and Komplett.
dk. Komplett also operates two pick-up points, one in Oslo and one at
the warehouse in Sandefjord.

Webhallen is a Swedish brand targeting gaming enthusiasts. As an omnichannel provider they offer consumer electronics from the online platform and 12 retail stores located strategically around Stockholm and bigger cities in Sweden.

Business to business (B2B)

Komplett B2B is an online market player for corporate customers in the Nordics focusing on the small and medium sized enterprises (SME) and small office/home office segments (SOHO).

Komplett B2B offers its customers a fully digital customer journey through its webshops and serving the Norwegian and Swedish market, respectively.

Komplett B2B customer solutions, with its wide assortment in stock at attractive terms, are adapted to individual needs and provide a seamless online shopping experience which is complemented by a highly competent customer service as well as fast and reliable delivery.

The Komplett Group further expanded its operations in the B2B segment during 2021 through the acquisition of Ironstone, delivering simple and secure managed IT services through cloud-based solutions
under the brand Ironstone.

The Komplett Group began its operations in the B2B market in Norway in 2002. Today, the B2B business offers a unique combination of a wide product selection, digital ease of access, customised solutions for SMEs, and advanced IT services. 


Distribution is carried out under the brand of Itegra.

The group’s activities in the distribution segment consist of large-scale distribution contracts for sale of mobile and IT products to retailers and B2B businesses.

The group’s distribution activities are operated under the Itegra brand.
The business is uniquely positioned in the market by specialising in large scale distribution contracts. Itegra's operations are tailored towards serving resellers and other big entities, providing them with a reliable source for large orders.

This focus allows it to cater to segments of the market that requires bulk purchases and specialised distribution services, differentiating it from the more broad-based retail and B2B operations within the Komplett Group.

The brand is supported by the world class operational setup in Sandefjord enabling cost efficiency and fast delivery at scale. The customer base includes both well recognised consumer electronic brands as well as retail chains.

Itegra is present in Norway and Sweden and serves its customers through the websites and, respectively.

The Komplett Group began its operations in the Distribution
segment in Norway in 1999.