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Komplett environment


The transformation into a low-carbon society provides Komplett with both challenges and possibilities for business development and services in line with the customers' needs, the demands from regulators and other stakeholders. We continuously evaluate risks to our business from changes in climate and environment.


One of Komplett’s main ambitions is to reduce our GHG emissions. This is in line with our stakeholders’ interests and is necessary for Komplett to be a company fit for the future. We experience an increasing demand for low emission services in tenders and from our customers. In 2020 we continued the mapping of our organisation's GHG-emissions and engaged with our suppliers to reduce emissions from the transport of goods.

One of Komplett's main goals is to develop and offer zero-emission delivery services to our customers by 2026. That way, we enable our customers to make sustainable choices. We will also engage with our transporters and develop standards for environmentally conscious transport solutions in our value chain.


As a significant actor within e-commerce, transport logistics is an extensive part of our business. This means that we send out large quantities of goods every day. The benefit of Komplett’s business model is that it cuts out the middleman, by transporting goods directly from storage to customer.

Nevertheless, we recognise that our impact from transport of goods is one of our main challenges. We therefore work continuously to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, especially in transport. Our goal is to provide zero-emission delivery options for our customers by 2026. That way we enable our customers to make sustainable choices.

Packaging our products in smarter ways can improve our impact from transport, as less packaging per product means less volume to transport. Komplett is considering ways to optimise packaging so that each package is as small as possible. By adapting box sizes, we can save space, plastics and emissions from transporting of our products.


The high return rate known for e-commerce business in general has an increasing public focus and is negative for the industry's climate impact. Sending goods back and forth has a negative climate impact. We therefore strive to reduce the return rate to a minimum, which is good for both Komplett and the climate. We always strive to provide our customers with the products that they need and deliver products with high quality to avoid returns.

Consumers are increasingly concerned with sustainability. Komplett works to continually improve our labeling to ensure information about environmental standards and energy efficiency of products are clearly communicated to our customers. We want to enable our customers to make informed and environmentally conscious choices.