The Nordic countries' largest PC maker

The Nordic countries' largest PC maker

The Komplett Group makes more than 34 000 PCs every year. Each model is tailored to customers’ specifications and provides the latest technology.

Computer enthusiasts are not the only ones who build their own customised PCs. Our webshops allow customers to choose their own components using our PC builder. All models are tested before being dispatched to the customer, meaning there is no risk of choosing incompatible components.

Quick delivery
One of our competitive advantages is short delivery times. We are renowned for having the "world’s best" return scheme, and repairs take just 3 to 4 days.

Stationary PCs
The Komplett Group also makes stationary models. These provide far greater opportunities for upgrading and components can easily be replaced. As far as capacity is concerned, a stationary PC can achieve 40% better graphics performance than a laptop. A larger screen and keyboard may also ensure a far more comfortable working environment.