The Komplett Group is a skilled company with 700 employees. Our vision is to be "the obvious choice ". Our culture is characterised by our values "precision, simplicity and enthusiasm".

Ethical guidelines
Sound business ethics are important to the Komplett Group. We have developed ethical guidelines that our employees are required to follow.

Human resources policy
Everyone at the Komplett Group is of equal value, regardless of gender, age, disability, faith, cultural differences and sexual orientation. We have an inclusive, multicultural environment.

Good communication is vital for creating a strong corporate culture. At the Komplett Group, we wish to maintain an open, positive dialogue with all employees. We respect each other's opinions, and all important information is shared with everyone at the same time.
Each employee is equally important in the Komplett Group. Our vision makes demands on us all. We all strive to be "The Obvious Choice" every day.

Job opportunities with the Komplett Group
The Komplett Group is eager to attract, develop and retain qualified, motivated and adaptable employees. Our corporate culture is characterised by transparency, involvement, interaction and clarity. Our policy is to always give our own employees the opportunity to apply for job vacancies within the Group. All else being equal, our employee will be given preference. Through this, many have got exciting new job opportunities.

We understand the importance of offering financial incentives as well as exciting challenges. The Group is sensitive to individuals' welfare and well-being. Total pay packages include employee benefits such as insurance schemes, training opportunities, and ways to strike a balance between work and leisure.

Komplett Academy
The Komplett Group wants to create a culture of performance and individual development. Through the Komplett Academy, we have assembled a wide range of courses and training for opportunities.