Environmental work

Environmental work

The Komplett Group has webshops in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and is certified under ISO 14001:2015, the international standard for environmental management. This certification confirms that we make active efforts to minimise our environment footprint.

The Komplett Group does not transport its own products. Shipping takes place "collectively" using carriers such as Postnord, DSV and Bring. All these companies are environmentally aware and furnish us with environmental accounts. A large portion of the shipping is based on containers that are transferred from road to railway in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

EE waste
Discarded electrical/electronic equipment (EE waste) can be turned in at the locations of all distributors of such products free of charge. Private consumers can also dispose of electrical/electronic products free of charge at municipal recycling stations (www.sortere.no). Discarded equipment can also be turned in at our Pick-up-Points in Sandefjord (Østre Kullerød 4) and Oslo (Kronprinsesse Märthas Plass 1).

The Komplett Group is a member of NORSIRK, a company that handles EE waste based on the "Regulations regarding scrapped electrical and electronic products" adopted by the Ministry of the Environment on 16 March 1998.

The Komplett Group is required to include an ecotax in the prices of all products. This is a governmental tax that funds the return scheme and ensures the best possible handling of EE waste and the recycling of raw materials in scrapped products.

Sorting of source materials
The Komplett Group has systems in place for sorting wood, plastic, cardboard, food and paper. Komplett has an agreement with Grønt Punkt for the recycling of corrugated and solid cardboard. There are systems in place so that all Komplett employees can sort paper items. The Komplett Group has a sorting rate of 93 per cent.

The Komplett Group’s main supplier of packaging materials is eco-certified. All the plastic used is environment-friendly, and can be recycled and burned without emissions of hazardous gases. Cardboard packaging is based on the use of returned fibres (collected paper waste that has been recycled) as the raw material for production.

Energy consumption
The Komplett Group has identified several areas that are targeted for reducing energy consumption in offices and warehouses. Systems have been implemented to monitor electricity consumption, and timer switches have been installed in some of our premises. 

Choice of suppliers
The Komplett Group poses environmental requirements when choosing suppliers. We wish to actively influence our suppliers and partners to join us in caring for the environment.

Less travel
The Komplett Group uses video conferencing to reduce travel. In addition, our employees are encouraged to use public transport.

A greener Komplett
All Komplett Group employees have taken environmental training courses. There is great commitment on the part of our staff to our environmental efforts, and we are working together to create a greener Komplett.