Environmental policy

Environmental policy

The Komplett Group aspires to lead the industry in environmental management. We intend to run a healthy business characterised by taking responsibility for employees, the community and the environment. At the very least, we will always comply with local environmental legislation wherever we operate. We will continuously strive to minimise our environmental footprint and to be a leader in our industry.

We expect all of our suppliers to work with us to fulfil our environmental ambitions. Environmental recommendations are a key part of the contracts we want. We want to actively provide information about.

The Komplett Group will:


  • to the extent it is financially feasible, give priority to procuring products labelled as environment-friendly or with an environmental component;
  • be cognisant of our suppliers' environmental profiles;
  • take a preventative approach and follow environmental trends proactively;
  • take the environment into account when assessing new products, techniques and/or technologies;
  • work to promote relevant environmental labelling of our products;
  • ensure that communication about environmental issues is based on facts, takes a comprehensive view and is permeated by transparency and clarity;
  • through information, attitude-shaping efforts and inclusion, help enhance environmental awareness among our employees.