Corporate Responsibilty

Corporate Responsibilty

The Komplett Group has drawn up guidelines for its corporate social responsibility. The guidelines provide guidance for management and the employees for dealing with routine operations.

Komplett AS intends to run a healthy business that takes responsibility for its employees, the community and the environment. We support the UN's Sustainable Development goals, placing special emphasis on UN Sustainable Development goal no. 13 "Climate action". We work systematically to reduce our environmental footprint by operating as efficiently and 'greenly' as possible. We report our consumption of energy and other resources both directly as related to operations and in connection with employees' business travel.

Komplett AS also places special emphasis on Sustainable Development goal no. 4 "Quality education". Since 2008, we have actively supported an orphanage and a school through Project Peru. In connection with the project, Komplett AS and its employees have contributed more than MNOK 3 to building and operating the orphanage, thus helping to give disadvantaged children an opportunity for a better start in life. As from 2018, Komplett has entered into collaboration with the SOS Children's Villages programme in Kitwe, Zambia. Our focus is on children, care and knowledge. We aspire to help girls and boys get equal opportunities for education.

Komplett AS will always comply with local environmental legislation wherever we operate. We will strive continuously to improve our environmental efforts. Komplett AS expects our suppliers to cooperate with us to fulfil our environmental ambitions. Environmental standards are an integral part of the contracts we sign. We actively provide information about our environmental efforts and maintain a good dialogue with our stakeholders on environmental issues. Komplett AS’s operations are to comply with all relevant environmental legislation, and Komplett AS will at all times seek to identify improvements that can reduce or prevent pollution. Komplett is ISO14001-certified.

Komplett AS recognises universal human rights. Komplett AS tolerates no infringement or discrimination in terms of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation and is opposed to forced and compulsory labour and child labour. Komplett AS supports the right to organise and collective bargaining rights for all employees. All Komplett AS employees are equal, regardless of gender, age, physical handicap, philosophy of life, cultural differences or sexual orientation. Individual characteristics are to be respected and appreciated regardless of an employee's position in the Group.

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The working environment
Through its hallmark values: Accuracy, Simplicity and Enthusiasm, Komplett AS aspires to be a workplace with a good working environment.

Employment contracts and working conditions
All Komplett employees are to have written contracts of employment and working conditions that comply with current legislation and regulations. Wages and other terms of employment for similar positions are the same for women and men.

Recruitment, career opportunities and human resources development
Recruitment, career opportunities and human resources development are based on performance, qualifications and equal opportunities, regardless of race, skin colour, religion, salary, age, nationality, sexual orientation, civil status and physical handicaps. Job vacancies are to be announced in-house.

Discrimination and harassment
Komplett AS is to have a corporate culture that supports appropriate behaviour and does not accept discrimination, victimisation or harassment. Notification routines have been established for employees who have been exposed to or witnessed others being exposed to unacceptable behaviour. We strive for transparency, so that circumstances worthy of criticism can be brought to light, discussed and resolved as early as possible, and as close to their point of origin as possible. Employees are asked to report undesirable events to their immediate superior or a trade union representative.

Health, safety and the environment
Through active HSE efforts, Komplett AS aspires to foster a healthy, safe working environment and high job satisfaction. 


Business activities
Komplett AS' employees shall observe current legislation and guidelines for the Group, maintaining high ethical standards.

When an employee becomes aware of a possible breach of legislation and regulations or a possible infraction of Komplett AS' Guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility, the employee shall follow the approved notification routines. Employees who report an offence may choose to remain anonymous, if so desired. Whistle-blowers are to be protected against reprisals.

Information management
Information from Komplett AS shall be communicated correctly and accurately, both inside and outside the Group. Komplett AS' employees are required to observe confidentiality with a view to commercial information that has not been published. Caution is to be exercised when Komplett AS' internal affairs are discussed in the vicinity of third parties or through electronic media that may be open to others. Any confidential agreements the Group has entered into shall be respected. 

Customers and suppliers
Komplett AS shall act independently of business associates. All customers shall be treated with respect and integrity, and customers' needs shall be met in the best possible manner within Komplett AS' commercial and ethical parameters. Suppliers will be treated impartially and fairly. Our expectations of suppliers are based on the same standards as we set for our own organisation.

Conflicts of interest
Komplett AS' employees shall behave loyally in respect of Komplett AS' interests, and they are not allowed to participate in activities that are not compatible with Komplett AS' interests or that give an impression of inappropriateness or divided loyalty.

Komplett AS has zero tolerance for any form of corruption.

Komplett AS' employees shall not generally give gifts to or receive gifts from existing or potential business associates. Gifts classified as insignificant and which are therefore not liable to taxation under current legislation, may be given or received, provided the purpose of the gift is not to obtain favourable treatment. It is not allowed to give gifts to public employees.

Komplett AS is opposed to all use of illegal intoxicants.